Canon(s) on the 9th

Or, at least, that’s what I’ve just realized.

Ladies and gentlemen, Johannes Brahms’s Geistliches Lied, Op. 30, which is a pretty remarkable piece of music for many reasons, one of which being the double choral canon on the ninth.

This entire YouTube video genre of showing the score while piping in recording in the background is pretty remarkable, especially for those of us without the necessary music reading skills.

I present to you, the Choir of St. Brides, London:

Notable points include:
a. 0.40, the choral entrances and the double canon on the ninth
b. 1.46, a new re-working of the structure of the double canon (new material–a development? I don’t know: I haven’t really thought about it…)
c. 3.05, the original canon(s)–so yes, a recapitulation section
d. 3.58, the “Amen”, yet a third way of working in a double canon on the 9th (here, a Coda?), which no matter how many times I sing or hear it, still manages to sound somehow new and unusual.

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