Born Ruffians and my love of oscilloscopes

Fun Facts! Born Ruffians is

  1. A good band from Toronto and
  2. Not affiliated with Broken Social Scene!

How are these statements reconcilable? Who knows! But considering the strength of their work to date, expect Kevin Drew to call up wanting to, “collaborate” — or whatever the kids call it these days. (I mean smoke pot and jam)

Their 2008 debut Red, Yellow & Blue had the same loping furniture throwing charm of the earlier Bishop Allen albums. A new album, Say It, is slated for a June 1st release and the lead music video, “What To Say”, is shot through the perspective of an old oscilloscope — a device used to visualize sound waves in two dimensions.

I’ve always loved visualizing sound. I spent most of physics lab in college making noises into an oscilloscope. In middle school, my after school special time consisted of spacing out to Radiohead with the first generation visualizers on Winamp. Anybody remember G-Force? Actually eff that, this kid effectively summarizes my childhood, only with 100% less Nickelback.

View at own risk:

Now back to the Born Ruffians video. I love the first few seconds slowly zooming in on an old workshop while the bass plays a few recognizable notes from Bach’s Ouverture No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068, that’s right Sudeep you are not the only one here with a classical background. Two can play this game. Bitch.

The rest of the video is a delightful swirl of sound and a loving homage to analog spiced up with some very cool digital effects. I hope the rest of the new album is just as good.

View or else:

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