LiveBlog: The 54th Grammy’s

The Tech will be live blogging during the 54th Grammy’s! Stay tuned for more…

8:00 p.m.
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are kicking off the Grammy’s with “We take care of our own.”

8:05 p.m.
Welcome the host LL Cool J to the stage. “We’ve had a death in the family. At least for me, the only thing that feels right is to begin with a prayer for our friend, our sister, Whitney Houston.”

8:07 p.m.
The Grammy’s start with a Whitney Houston tribute starting with “I Will Always Love You.”

8:09 p.m.
“Adele, welcome back.”

8:10 p.m.
Bruno Mars, who has 6 Grammy nominations, performs “Runaway Baby.”

8:16 p.m.
CoverGirl commercial congratulates Taylor Swift on her Grammy nomination.

8:21 p.m.
Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys present the first award of the night.
“We love Whitney Houston.” – Alicia Keys
They first start with Etta James’ “Seven Day Fool.”

8:23 p.m.
Adele takes home first Grammy of the night.
Best Pop Solo performance: “Someone Like You” – Adele

8:25 p.m.
Adele thanks her doctor who “brought my voice back.”

8:26 p.m.
Chris Brown, who has 3 nominations tonight, performs “Turn up the Music.”

8:27 p.m.
Chris Brown has great choreography, as usual. The stage lighting is great.
The backup dancers also have pretty awesome tumbling passes.

8:35 p.m.
Fergie and Marc Anthony present the second award.
Best Rap Performance: Jay-Z, Kanye West for “Otis.”
Neither of them came to accept their award.

8:37 p.m.
“Don’t you want to stay” performed by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson.

8:46 p.m.
Jack Black talks from outside the Staples Center. He’s surrounded by lots of screaming girls.
Black introduces the Foo Fighters.

8:48 p.m.
Foo Fighters perform “Walk.”

8:56 p.m.
Rihanna and Coldplay share the stage.
Rihanna begins with “We Found Love.”
Coldplay and Rihanna perform “Princess of China” together. This is the first time they’ve ever performed together!
Coldplay follows with “Paradise.”

9:12 p.m.
Giants players Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz present Best Rock Performance: “Walk” – Foo Fighters
“We made this [album] in my garage with a microphone and at tape machine.”

9:16 p.m.
Ryan Seacrest introduces Maroon5, who sing “Surfer Girl” by the Beach Boys.
Foster the People pick up and sing “Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys.

9:21 p.m.
And the moment, we’ve been waiting for… the Beach Boys themselves!
For their first performance after 20 years, they’re performing “Good Vibrations.”

9:31 p.m.
Stevie Wonder – “We love you Whitney Houston”
Wonder plays “Love me do” by the Beatles on his harmonica.

9:32 p.m.
Paul McCartney is performing “My Valentine.”
McCartney’s got a live orchestra backing him.

9:36 p.m.
Common and Taraji P. Henson present the award for Best R&B album.
Best R&B album: Chris Brown F.A.M.E.

9:40 p.m.
Taylor Swift performs “Mean.”
Swift’s got straight hair styled into a side braid.
Looks like she’s playing a banjo?
CBS is getting a lot of close-ups on her face. Maybe it’s because her make-up is done better than normal?

9:50 p.m.
From How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris presents Song of the Year.
Song of the Year – “Rolling in the Deep” – Adele
Adele is chewing gum as she thanks people. She also seems more excited to get this award than her first one.

9:52 p.m.
Katy Perry performs “E.T.”
She’s got blue crimped hair today.
Perry just “broke” some glass while singing “Part of Me.”

9:57 p.m.
Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley present Best Country Album.
Best Country Album – Own the Night – Lady Antebellum

10:05 p.m.
Gwyneth Paltrow introduces Adele, who performs “Rolling in the Deep.”
Sounds like Adele’s doctor, Dr. Steven Zeitels from Massachusetts General Hospital, did a good job with her vocal chord surgery.
Adele’s got the entire stadium standing for her.

10:16 p.m.
Taylor Swift introduces the Glen Campbell tribute.
The Band Perry and Blake Shelton perform.
Campbell performs “Rhinestone Cowboy.”
Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease last year and is currently on his final tour.
Campbell received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

10:30 p.m.
Carrie Underwood and Tony Bennett perform “It had to be you” together.
Bennett forgot he was doing a duet for a second. Started singing a line that Underwood was supposed to sing. Whoops!
Fabulous duet. They’ve got the entire arena on their feet. Bennett’s a legend.

10:33 p.m.
Best New Artist: Bon Iver
“It’s really hard to accept this award. There’s so much talent on this stage.”
“I’d like to thank all the non-nominees that have never been here.”
“I want to say thank you for all the voters. Sweet hook-up.”

10:36 p.m.
The Grammy Foundation talks about music education for young people. Their fundraising campaign has gotten over $12 million.

10:39 p.m.
In Memorium video starts with Amy Winehouse.
Steve Jobs gets a spot in the video for his work in digital music.
Video ends with Whitney Houston.

10:42 p.m.
Jennifer Hudson sings “I Will Always Love You” as a tribute to Whitney Houston.

10:46 p.m.
TMZ reports that Lil’ Wayne has been arrested backstage at the Grammy Awards on gun charges.

10:50 p.m.
David Guetta, DeadMau5, Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne, and Foo Fighters perform for the dance tribute.
They start with “I Can Only Imagine.”
Since Lil’ Wayne is performing, I’m not sure how true the rumors of his arrest are. Lots of media outlets looking into the rumors on Twitter.
Lil’ Wayne was wearing some odd looking yellow shoes, but they shouldn’t have been so horrible as to have gotten him arrested.

10:59 p.m.
Doesn’t look like anyone thinks Lil’ Wayne was arrested anymore. Everyone just thinks he was wearing SpongeBob looking shoes.

11:04 p.m.
Drake introduces Nicki Minaj.

11:05 p.m.
Nicki Minaj has lots of theatrics in her performance, as expected.
Minaj’s video called the Exorcism of Roman plays during her debut performance of “Roman Holiday.”

11:11 p.m.
Record of the Year: Rolling in the Deep – Adele

11:18 p.m.
Diana Ross receives the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

11:19 p.m.
Diana Ross presents Album of the Year.
Album of the Year: 21 – Adele
Adele and everyone who’s worked to put this album together spend about 20 seconds hugging each other on stage.
With each award Adele gets, she seems to get more and more emotional on stage.

11:23 p.m.
“Instead of just saying goodnight, I’m going to show you goodnight.” – LL Cool J
Paul McCartney performs the last song medley of the night, starting with “Golden Slumbers.”

11:30 p.m.
Thanks for joining The Tech’s LiveBlog. Did you watch the Grammy’s? Have comments? Sound out in the comments below! Good night!

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