So this genre of dance has been ‘hot’ for a while in both Europe and spread to Korea last year with several CFs (Commercial Films; longer-length TV advertisements) featuring young Korean celebrities performing tecktonik. However, the tecktonik fever is starting to hit US too as youtube after youtube videos showcase ‘how to learn tecktonik’.  The tecktonik movement started in the Metropolis nightclubs of France in the 2000s. Usually performed to electro house music, it’s…more akin to writhing and spazzing of the limbs than dancing. There’s a mix of Bboy moves, hip-hop, Eurotrash clubbing, and other streetstyle dancing.

See for yourself:

One of the most famous videos to Yelle’s “A Causes des Garcons”

A CF for Etude, a Korean makeup brand featuring Go Ara and Jang Geun Suk, two popular Korean celebrities:


A guy does it on the subway, much to the aghast of elderly ladies.

A guy does it in a shopping mart. Ridic.

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