Snarky Puppy @ Church

Just saw Snarky Puppy at Church last night.

Absolutely insane.  This group made me realize what I’d been looking for in sound.  There are lots of technically proficient musicians out there that make you think.  But there aren’t that many that make me want to go out and make other people think.  Seriously.  Every time I listen to Snarky I want to drop out and play music.  It’s a huge group, but it’s so tight.  Rhythmically, harmonically, everything.  The recordings are incredible, but square compared to seeing them live, where every single moment is fresh and unexpected, because they’re so locked in that they can control every beat–stretching it here, pushing it back there–and every note they think is put into the air.

They really play for everybody in the room–themselves, the audience–everybody.  And that’s what you don’t get out of a recording, because the artist never knows who’s listening.  Some groups take advantage of this, some don’t.  Snarky Puppy is one of the former.

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