A modern twist on Beauty & The Beast

In which Mary Kate Olsen plays a modern-day witch with costumery fitting of her usual fashionista self, Vanessa Hudgens reprise her role as the girl-next-door brunette beauty, and a prettyfaced blonde by the name of Alex Pettyfer makes his first American movie debut. Note that even with the scarring, tattoos and metal weldings, Pettyfer’s charismatic.

I’ll admit that it may not be the most substance-filled film. The acting will probably be sub-par, we’ll only have the opportunity to oogle at Pettyfer in his ‘pretty’ state for like 1/4 of the movie and Hudgens continues with her middle-school like innocence. However, it’s fluffy, it’s cute, a perfect transition into the lightheartedness of the summer months. Hmm, what’s next though for remakes? A modern take on Snow White?

- Maggie

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