Hot Club of Detroit–It’s About That Time

Easy to listen to?  Yes.

Easy listening?  No.

Homage-paying?  Yep.

Mind-expanding?  Just a little bit.

Drink-pairing:  Mid-priced Cabernet, or a Cosmopolitan.

HCOD is a tight young group that’s one part Art Blakey, another part Toots Thielemans, and several other parts Django.  They’re smooth, urbane, but with a rugged driving quality nonetheless.  There’s a lot of talent here, and it’s clear that this group has listened well to the masters, taking cues from Mingus, Miles, Martino, and even Chopin.  Technically, they’re sharp as tacks, and It’s About that Time plays like a showcase.  It’s a fun little variety show, a quick jaunt through somebody’s Eurotrip photo album.

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