The unseen street assault

Not exactly a comment, but just a few questions crossing my mind as I read about the attack on CBS Correspondent Lara Logan in the streets of Cairo last week – – the main one being: has anyone seen anything?

I mean, are there any photos/videos out there of this attack on Logan? [sorry, but no time for much search/research in this busy thesis-writing phase]. The only thing I have found on the Net is the announcement of the attack itself and of her hospital stay by various media outlets. According to the CNN report, CBS said it would not comment further, and that her family requested privacy. So, no info.

So are we then to believe that the thousands of cell-phone-wielding and Twitter/Facebook/social media-empowered Egyptian street protesters [if to believe the descriptions in the US media] have recorded and posted online just about everything that went on in the streets of Cairo, EXCEPT this one attack on the CBS correspondent – not one second of it?… and despite the fact that it was a prolonged attack?… Where were the scores of ‘citizen journalists,’ amateur videobloggers and mobile tech-savvy youth and activists the US/Western media have been trumpeting about? A crowd of 200 beating and sexually assaulting one lone woman – it must be hard to miss…


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