Tuscon Roundup

For those of you interested in reading more than two articles on the Loughner-Giffords shooting, here you go, ranked roughly in order from articles I like the most to articles I like the least:

  1. Jacob Sullum at Reason says not to give up essential liberty amid hysteria.
  2. Jack Shafer at Slate offers his defense of impassioned rhetoric.
  3. Gene Healy at the Washington Examiner looks at the response from politicians and finds it gravely wanting.
  4. Harsanyi (KPR +1.6) at the Denver Post says the left-wing calls for civil discourse are an attempt at quashing libertarian ideology.
  5. Peter Wehner at Commentary points out that you can either politicize the death of a 9-year old girl or un-hypocritically bemoan the breakdown of civil discourse, but you can’t do both at once.
  6. Steve Kornacki at Salon thanks the American people for not yielding to the idea that Loughner and Palin are linked.
  7. Megan McArdle (KPR +2.3) says there is simply nothing to be learned from some tragedies.
  8. George Will (KPR +1.0) at WashPo makes the case that progressives are particularly prone to politicizing tragedy.
  9. Josh Kraushaar at National Journal says the media’s response to the shooting has been abominable, but that of politicians has been on the level.
  10. Michael Moynihan at Reason picks apart the pundits who used the shooting to advance political points on “eliminationist rhetoric.”
  11. Chait (KPR +0.4) at The New Republic argues that including Loughner in the case against eliminationist rhetoric will critically weaken the message.
  12. Andrew Malcolm at the L.A. Times takes Sheriff Dupnik to task.
  13. Brooks (KPR +0.3) at the NYT discusses the insanity of Jared Lee Loughner and the irrationality of using him to advance a political agenda.
  14. Jeffrey Birnbaum at the Washington Times says federal protection of congressmen is unnecessary and cost-prohibitive.
  15. K-Hammer (KPR +0.3) at WashPo gives the safe conservative position.
  16. Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast bemoans the blame game.
  17. Pat Buchannan at RCP says the left has a long history of using tragedies to fuel smear campaigns like those against Sarah Palin.
  18. James Fallows at the Atlantic free-associates on the nature of political shootings.
  19. Dahlia Lithwick at Slate says we need to reform our mental health policies.
  20. Debra Saunders at the San Francisco Chronicle says we need to stop politicizing tragedies like Tuscon.
  21. David Corn at Politics Daily says he doesn’t think the shooting has anything to do with politics, but wants to set the record straight that Republicans are more vitriolic than Democrats.
  22. Joe Scarborough at Politico manages to hold two conflicting ideas in his head at once: that we have no idea what motivated the shooting, and that right wing hate speech is to blame.
  23. Jacob Weisberg at Slate lays out the typical liberal case.
  24. Bob Herbert (KPR: -3.0) blames society! and guns! and the culture! and so on, saying we need to change everything.
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