ObamaCare Repeal is a Terrible, Terrible Idea

It’s not often that I get to stand side by side with the Center for American Progress, but as an attentive student of Jon Gruber’s, my views on ObamaCare are almost perfectly in lockstep with those of the memo Gruber wrote for the CAP.

In short, the most repeal-able part of ObamaCare, the individual mandate, is absolutely crucial to having the whole reform work, and the failure mode is not a failsafe return to pre-ObamaCare, but instead a horrendously expensive, worse than where we started world.

This is also the reason why I shrug off most of the blather from Democratic strategists that most parts of ObamaCare are popular.  The individual mandate has never polled well, and it is needed to make the rest of the reform functional, so polls that show the popularity of the give-away sections of ObamaCare suffer from the same problem as polls that show lower taxes, higher spending, and reducing the deficit are all popular: you aren’t polling people’s choices between actual alternatives, you are asking them whether or not they would like some candy.

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