If You Read Two Articles on the Giffords Shooting…

Let them be Toby Harnden’s from The Telegraph and Erick Erickson at RedState.

A summary:

The left is just as guilty of using martial terminology in their campaigning.  They have maps with crosshairs too.  There’s even a liberal map that has Giffords under crosshairs (Giffords after all, was a conservative Democrat).

The shooter is hardly a right-winger.  A friend describes him as left wing, and he lists The Communist Manifesto among his favorite books.  He is simply crazy.

Let’s be clear: the Giffords shooting was not the American equivalent of the Salman Taseer assassination.  And Jared Lee Loughner is not the equivalent of Nashi, Russia’s state-sponsored ultra-nationalist youth group.  This guy is a John Hinckley with lower ambitions.

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