Normal kids want ponies: Julian Assange wants an international license to rape women

The Globe and Mail posts an interesting twist on Julian Assange’s egomania.

Apparently, Mr. Assange is threatening to release his full collection of unredacted files if the Swedish government brings him in for the two counts of rape he faces in that country.

I have to wonder… why did Mr. Assange decide to stop there?  I mean, once you get in the business of extorting personal favors from governments, you might as well go whole hog.  Personally I’d ask for money, but since Mr. Assange seems to eschew such material things, his first demand will probably be for more Swedish women to rape.  But then again, why even ask?  Just go over there and take it.  If Sweden’s willing to give you immunity on past rapes, why wouldn’t they cave on future ones as well?

Clearly, the two Swedish women whose consent Mr. Assange didn’t much care for were asking for it.  After all, if they didn’t want to be raped, they’d have their own cache of informants and human rights activists to hold hostage and counter-lobby with.

Remember: if you defend yourself from rape prosecution by holding a gun to the head of a scared dissident, you’re not a contemptuous scumbag… you’re a hero of radical transparency!

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  1. Nils Molina says:

    So, if some woman accuses you of rape, and your lawyer suggests leaked information would be released if you were put in jail, then you’re asking for a license to rape women? Have you considered the possibility that the insurance file exists because Assange can’t direct more proper release of the information from jail, not because he wants to get away with alleged rape? The headline is amazingly over-the-top.

    It’s worth nothing that Assange’s rape accusation is apparently about a condom breaking during consensual sex. The case originally was quickly dropped by a chief prosecutor due to lack of evidence. It was re-opened on the other side of Sweden (Assange’s lawyer claims because of political pressure), and Assange has been reasonably cooperating with the investigation while denying the accusations. We can’t label someone with incredible accusations of rape as a rapist.

    You say Assange is like someone “holding a gun to the head of a scared dissident.” This is unfortunate and seems to reflect a misunderstanding of the power balance between governments and citizens. The government has extraordinary powers: it can murder people and get away with it. Assange isn’t holding a gun to the head of a scared man. He’s trying to protect himself from the powerful government. That’s why we have civil liberties and rights of the accused, remember?

    • Keith Yost says:

      I think the best description of my view on what is rape and what isn’t is provided by Feministe. This is not some minor thing– if a person does not consent to what you are doing to them, it is assault. Your claim that Assange is “reasonably cooperating” seems like a stretch of the word reasonable– after all, he’s threatening mayhem if Sweden follows through with its normal criminal procedure. “Trying to protect himself from the powerful government” is doublespeak for “trying to use his influence to dodge a criminal prosecution”– I’m sure if Ken Lay or some other person your left-wing conscience abhors had adopted the same tactic of fleeing and hiding abroad, you’d have screamed bloody murder.

      • Mart says:

        “he’s threatening mayhem if Sweden follows through with its normal criminal procedure”

        No he’s not, the actual quote were

        “The insurance file will only be activated in the gravest of circumstances if WikiLeaks is no longer operational,” Hrafnsson said.”


        “Mr Assange’s British lawyer, Mark Stephens, warned today that WikiLeaks was holding further secret material which he dubbed a ‘thermo-nuclear device’ to be released if the organisation needed to protect itself.”

        Now sit down, take a deep breath and and read some actual news because sadly the Globe and Mail is a mere shadow of its former self, journalist inquiries are not popular these days.

        Here’s a full recount,00.shtml

      • Nils says:

        Note: One of the details I gave in the second paragraph was a bit inaccurate: the entire original case was not “quickly dropped by a chief prosecutor,” just the rape portion of it. Also, with regards to the condom breakage, that now appears not to be part of the charges against Assange ( ).

        To clarify, my main point for that second paragraph was that it isn’t fair to assume alleged rape is actual rape. The way I see it, we lack compelling evidence one way or the other.

  2. Nils Molina says:

    Oops, I meant: “It’s worth noting that at least one of Assange’s rape accusations is apparently about a condom breaking during consensual sex.”

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