No, I will not fill out your course evaluation

…until after finals are over.

When I’m studying for finals, I am not going to put the time aside to fill out an evaluation. It simply doesn’t rate high enough on my list of priorities to do when there are more pressing matters [ie, my GPA] at stake.

Now, let me evaluate the class after I’ve taken the final and have nothing else to do, and you’ll get comments that are more thought out, and have the benefit of a few days of reflection. Will some people trash the class in reviews because they did poorly in the class? Sure. But who cares. If MIT cares about getting evaluations that let them improve the classes, then feedback is feedback, and more of it is better.

Until then, realize that when you send the same email half a dozen times in one week and you still aren’t happy with the response, there’s something more fundamental than a lack of knowledge that’s keeping your response rate in the single digits. Allow classes to be evaluated after finals week ends.

Good luck with finals! -J

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