California Dreaming

Victor Davis Hanson (KPR: +0.8) has a thumbsucker piece up at National Review where he takes a bike ride through my hometown and reports that it has turned into a third world enclave.

I’m not terribly pleased with Hanson’s editorial comments on Hispanics (hence his relatively low Keith Pundit Rating), but I have to admit that his “The Republic is Crumbling” message and the descriptions he uses to back it up outclass the response from California officials, like this one from State Treasurer Bill Lockyer in the L.A. Times, which squints really hard at the statistics (I’ll leave it to David Hogberg at IBD to tell you how hard Lockyer is squinting) and reports that we shouldn’t worry about the state’s growing debt, because technically, the state’s creditors get to take their slice before hospitals, prisons, or state employees.  Thanks Bill, that’s great news… so long as you don’t live in California, I suppose.

I’m a believer in the “California will muddle through” position– I’m just saying that lately, the other side has laid out its case a hell of a lot better.

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