Plan Your Life!

On Wednesday, a bunch of frosh (and some upperclassmen) stormed the fourth floor of the Student Center for the Four-Year Planning Seminar by Chocolate City and the National Society of Black Engineers.

This seminar is carried out annually to give curious freshmen an idea of what various majors are like, what kind of classes are within those majors, what the faculty and students are like, how much of a workload it is (all of them answered “lots of work”, unsurprisingly), and what life would be like in each major.

There was lots of food, and even more people packed in a room with loads of tables. At each table, there was a representative student from one or more majors ready to talk with students who were unsure about what major to declare. The representatives gave an introduction to their major, a rundown of what a student had to do within them, and their own opinions of the majors, as well as why they chose one major over another.

One topic that many attendees had not thought about before was about the required subjects and restricted electives that students could take within the majors. Representatives also spoke about the different paths within a major that students could take and the differences between some of the majors that seem more similar on the surface — for example, one aero/astro major described his course as a fusion between 2 and 6).

Most majors were represented at the seminar, and one of the highlights of the event was the insights of advice the representatives had to share.

One Course 18 major said, “One thing I did was overload [myself] with interesting classes, and then I dropped the ones I found weren’t for me.”

And while the seminar had students both sure and unsure of what they wanted to do, one upperclassmen shared the wisdom that a continual discovery and discussion with others about what a student wants to do is necessary to fully form the path best for that student. In other words, always make sure to keep talking to people about your path!

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