Plastic soldiers overwhelm MIT during finals week

Hackers at MIT formed an army that spread throughout the main buildings of the Institute on Wednesday of finals week. Made of green plastic, the toy soldiers were affixed with double sided tape throughout the Infinite Corridor and other main hallways, often spelling out messages.

Looking out from the entrance to Student Support Services. Joseph Maurer - The Tech

President Hockfield had a garrison stationed to defend her office, in the form of a surprisingly accurate “portrait” – though the teeth are a bit frightening (no offense intended to Ms. Hockfield).

Outside President Hockfield's office. No love for Provost Reif. Joseph Maurer - The Tech

I'm sure this will be featured prominently in her office. Joseph Maurer - The Tech

And a few more shots.

Even some useful signage! Joseph Maurer - The Tech

Joseph Maurer - The Tech

More pictures can be found at the MIT Admissions’ Blogs website.


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