June 24 is next stem cell deadline

U.S. District Court judge Royce C. Lamberth yesterday afternoon set June 24 as the deadline for both sides in the stem cell case to file briefs before the court.

Those briefs, limited to 10 pages, will provide each side’s view of the relevance an appeals court decision last month in the same case. That decision struck down a preliminary injunction against human embryonic stem cell research that was issued by Lamberth last year.

The case is Sherley v. Sebelius. It pits adult stem cell researchers James L. Sherley and Theresa A. Deisher against the National Institutes of Health, and by proxy, all human embryonic stem cell researchers who have NIH funding.

For more details on the recent filings, see our May 10 article (Stem cell plaintiffs propose schedule) and our more detailed May 3 article (Stem cells still alive: Courts support legality of research).

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