T Accident in Central

A red line train has struck and killed a man at the Central Square station, reports WCVBTV Boston. Service has been halted through the station, but bus service is being provided between Park St. and Harvard stations.

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  1. Florence Gallez says:

    Reading that the MBTA decided to suspend train service and provide alternative transport to passengers because of the death of ‘one’ man, I could not help drawing some [probably broad] conclusions about the value we attach to human life, and about Russians, the Russian ‘soul’ – or least the Russian government.

    According to The Moscow Times, no flights were canceled on the day of the bomb attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport last month, which killed at least 35 people and injured over 100, many of them critically, according to BBC News Europe.
    Despite the carnage, Russian state television showed footage of passengers moving around the airport showing no signs of panic.
    So business as usual.

    This has been a pattern in the various terror attacks that have plagued the Russian transport system in recent years. In the years when I was living in Moscow, from 1999 to 2008, I remember the metro trains running as usual all day, on the days of the bombings at the Pushikinskaya and Paveletskaya stations, both of which had severe casualties. In fact, when I walked in the Pushkinskaya station the next morning of the blast, the area of the bombing had already been repainted in immaculate white – which of course did not help investigators – but that was the whole point: “a bombing here?, what bombing?” The pain is anesthetized, the memories are changed, and history is being re-written, in a lovely way – the Soviet way:)..

    Of course this tragic accident here in Cambridge has nothing to do with terror – but the MBTA’s response could not help emphasize in my mind the different attitudes societies and cultures can have regarding the value of a human life. Repeatedly in the course of history to the present day, tragic human losses in Russia have barely caused the authorities and the politically apathetic masses to bat an eyelash.

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