MIT is closed…except when it’s not

MIT is officially closed, but some parts are still open.

In a walk around campus, the new cafe in E62 (the new Sloan Building) is open, because, the manager says, “we’re considered essential personnel.”

Dewey and Hayden Libraries are open, and their librarians say that Rotch is open too; “but not Barker.” They could close early depending on weather conditions. (update: they’ll close at 4 p.m.).

In the Student Center, LaVerdes Market is open (until at least 9 p.m.; maybe not all the way until their usual 11 p.m. IAP closing), and Anna’s Taqueria is open as well. At Lobdell food court, only Subway is open right now. But since those vendors are not part of MIT, they can do their own thing.

The weather is beautiful, though a colleague and I helped push one stuck car out of a snowbank on Ames Street as we walked around campus.

Oh yes. As of 8:15 a.m., the UPS Somerville depot (which serves MIT) says there will be no deliveries or pickups today. This despite my expected package saying “out for delivery.” Oh well…

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