Some briefs filed in Stanford v. Roche

Recently, several briefs have been filed in Stanford v. Roche, the patent ownership case that is before the Supreme Court and which MIT has expressed an interest in, so we have covered in The Tech.

Also, the Supreme Court has scheduled oral argument in the case for February 28, 2011. See their status web page for the latest info.

Here’s what’s new:
On Dec. 16, Stanford (the petitioner) filed its brief.
On Dec. 21, Alexander M. Shukh, a former Seagate employee involved in current litigation against Seagate about patent ownership filed an amicus brief.
On Dec. 23, the American Intellectual Property Law Association filed an amicus brief.
On Dec. 23, the United States Solicitor General filed an amicus brief in support of the petitioner (Stanford).

Joint appendices were filed on Dec. 16, and Stanford’s counsel is confirming for me whether they have confidential information before providing them.

Roche (the respondent) has until Jan. 25 to file their brief.

For more context, see our past coverage:

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Posted at 10:19 p.m Dec. 24.
Updated 10:18 a.m. Dec 27, adding the Solicitor General’s brief.

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