Liveblogging the SayNO protest at the MIT Corporation meeting

Update 8:27am: House Dining Advisory Group member and Simmons associate housemaster Steve Hall stopped by the Media Lab at about 8:20 specifically to talk to the protesters, but left soon after because he didn’t want their conversation to be covered by The Tech.

During his short conversation with the protesters, he said, “I’m worried about how this fire [the controversy over the dining plan] got out of control…[F]olks who want to live one way are telling other folks how to live.”

Chandran responded that he thought Hall’s argument could cut both ways: Yes, the HDAG dining plan might allow students to choose to live in non-dining-hall dorms, but there might not be enough beds to accommodate all the students who don’t want to purchase a dining plan.

Update 8:25am: It seems that, by now, most all of corporation members have arrived at the Media Lab and headed upstairs to their meeting.

Update 8:20am: Ravi Chandran ’14 pulled a few of the other protesters aside several minutes ago to talk about how to get the corporation members to stop to speak with them: “You’ve got to stand in front of them,” he advises his co-protesters.  By now, another five or seven protesters have trickled in.  They’re chatting about the difficulties of showing up anywhere at 8am as students.  Corporation members? “They’re used to this,” one student chimes in.

Update 8:18am: The protesters have handed petitions to about five corporation members so far.  At least as many arriving corporation members have rushed past the group, telling the students that they are late for the meeting.

Update 8:08am: Eight protesters, mostly from Next House, have showed up so far.  SayNO campaign and protest organizer Keone Hon ’11 just collected the group to discuss their M.O., which is to tell corporation members the purpose of the protest and hand them a copy of the SayNO petition, which has been signed by 1,827 MIT community members.

This morning I’ll be liveblogging the SayNO campaign protest at the MIT corporation meeting, which is beginning at 8:30 in the new Media Lab.

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2 Responses to Liveblogging the SayNO protest at the MIT Corporation meeting

  1. Patrick Hulin says:

    In response to Steve Hall’s comment about “folks telling other folks how to live,” I’d just like to say that the vast majority of people at the Media Lab today were dining hall dorm residents.

  2. Michael says:

    Just so I understand this right, Keone got 15 out of 1,800+ supporters to show up at E36 with about 12 hours’ notice?

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