New and improved classes–coming to you via Singapore

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an in-depth piece on a new Singaporean university that MIT is helping to develop.  The school, which is “meant to road-test the latest in teaching theory and academic features,” is flaunting its MIT affiliation:

One selling point of the institution, which is to start classes on a temporary campus in 2012, is that it is associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On many renderings of the logo, the words “Established in collaboration with MIT” appear in red letters, suggesting that the new venture expects to replicate the prestigious U.S. university.

MIT students might benefit from this new collaboration, as professors involved in the collaboration plan to test their own new teaching ideas at the school.

This article includes some other interesting tidbits about MIT’s history with these sorts of ventures, which have not always been successful:

MIT has had mixed success in exporting its brand. It was forced to close branch campuses of its Media Lab in Ireland and India after only a few years of operation, after they failed to gain enough financial support. But it has long worked well with universities in Singapore. For years the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology has supported joint research, and MIT helps run the thriving Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab to explore video-game design.

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