Student center water is back

Numerous signs alert students to an early building closure on November 28th at 10 p.m. due to a water main break. LIZ D'ARIENZO--THE TECH

Bathrooms were cordoned off throughout the building on Sunday. LIZ D'ARIENZO--THE TECH

Signs were posted around the elevators, warning students of the early building shutdown. LIZ D'ARIENZO--THE TECH

(UPDATED 2:01 a.m.) Water has returned to the Student Center, and the building should reopen in a couple hours, according to the Campus Activities Complex.

(UPDATED 11:13 p.m.) The Student Center is closing from 10 p.m. onward tonight because of a water main break on Mass. Ave. that has left the building without running water.

It is unclear when the building will reopen, according to the Campus Activities Complex, which order the shutdown Sunday evening.

Earlier on Sunday, students returning from their Thanksgiving break were greeted by orange, yellow, and white signs plastered on the doors of the Student Center announcing the lack of water in the building due to an emergency water shutoff. Bathrooms were also cordoned off with tape.

Later this evening, yellow signs hastily attached with strips of blue masking tape appeared next to the elevators announcing that an emergency building shutdown would take place at 10 p.m. At close to 10 p.m., employees in various stores were seen cleaning and preparing to leave the building.

All vendors in the Student Center are now closed, including LaVerde’s.

Groups of students gathered in front of LaVerdes, and an employee opened the glass doors a crack to tell them that because the building was closing at 10 p.m., they were now closed. When asked to comment on how LaVerde’s had dealt with not having access to running water all day, he looked back over his shoulder and said to return the next day because everyone was in a rush trying to close up shop.

At Anna’s, an employee named Betty said, “Our manager has been bringing in big bottles of water from the outside.” She noted that due to the lack of running water, their manager had brought in bottled water, and they were using hand sanitizer instead of soap and water.

As the building slowly shut down, students were seen leaving the Athena cluster and reading rooms on the 5th floor. Andrew Chen said about the early building closure, “It’s a little annoying because I was planning on working here. It would be more annoying if I had more work.”

As of 10:30 p.m., many students on the fourth floor were still unaware that the building was supposed to have closed at 10 p.m.

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