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Jazz Performance Review

On March 31, I attended Whole Note Wednesday with the Daniel Bennett Group, which plays at the Liberty Hotel every Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. I approached him before the first set to see if I could ask … Continue reading

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“Nowhere Boy”- homage to John Lennon

According to IMDB, this film won’t be released in the US until October, 2010. However, whispers of it has been floating around the Internet since it was released in the UK October 2009. A story of a “Teddy Boy” who … Continue reading

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A modern twist on Beauty & The Beast

In which Mary Kate Olsen plays a modern-day witch with costumery fitting of her usual fashionista self, Vanessa Hudgens reprise her role as the girl-next-door brunette beauty, and a prettyfaced blonde by the name of Alex Pettyfer makes his first … Continue reading

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About that Whirligig of Time…

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare. Many, many happy returns, Will…

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The Future of Media

This post is, of course, in response to my impossibly cute* co-editor (co-editor? junior editor? I don’t know…) Samuel Markson, who writes: “[...]Do it. Please. Also, if you have input, tell me. This is the future of media–accept it.” This … Continue reading

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iPod Playlist of the Week

So one of my friends admitted to me the other day that he was still listening to the same playlist from 2 yrs ago. Appalled, I sent him my most recent playlist. I was in part inspired by- of all … Continue reading

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More snarky puppy, more dentures

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Snarky Puppy @ Church

Just saw Snarky Puppy at Church last night. Absolutely insane.  This group made me realize what I’d been looking for in sound.  There are lots of technically proficient musicians out there that make you think.  But there aren’t that many … Continue reading

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Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

Last night, one of my good friends discovered that his country was having a Revolution.  Apparently, the President has fled.  The BBC seems to have the second most footage, after Twitter.

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Fabrizio Sotti–Inner Dance

Those of you who follow what I write might know of my interest in the interplay between a country’s inherent culture and the music it produces. Italian guitarist Fabrizio Sotti is an apt example. Since the death of Marcus Aurelius, … Continue reading

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