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Megan McArdle on WikiLeaks

That libertarian amazon over at The Atlantic has stolen my heart for the umpteenth time.  Though a strong advocate of transparency, McArdle recognizes the lunacy of Julian Assange’s ideology for what it is and takes the words right out of … Continue reading

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Normal kids want ponies: Julian Assange wants an international license to rape women

The Globe and Mail posts an interesting twist on Julian Assange’s egomania. Apparently, Mr. Assange is threatening to release his full collection of unredacted files if the Swedish government brings him in for the two counts of rape he faces … Continue reading

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Nuclear Intuition

The good folks at Information is Beautiful have an interesting post on nuclear weapons. I’ll give you a few moments to hop over and catch the author’s error. … Did you find it? That’s right: the area of a circle … Continue reading

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No Go, Kyoto

Walter Russell Mead harangues liberals on the abject failure of the environmental left.  Long story short: any foreign policy wonk worth a damn could have done the math and told them the framework they were using was a loser. Wesley … Continue reading

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Progressive Derangement Syndrome

Scratch what I said earlier about challenging Obama in the primaries being a silly idea.  It’s a CRAZY idea. I wonder where the Washington Post finds people like Michael Lerner.

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Hillary 2012? GTFO.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a particularly melodramatic article today on the need for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2012. It’s not the first time we’ve seen such baloney.  WashPo ran a more serious op-ed on the topic a … Continue reading

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Label or literature?

Was six dollars really worth six pre-made pancakes? Probably not. I don’t believe you can put a value on nutrition, but in this case, I was simply being a dumb consumer. I have started to truly care that one third … Continue reading

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