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Nothing Hypocritical in Opposing Earmarks

Unlike MIT, Casa de Yost gets MSNBC, so that’s what I’ve been watching lately.  Now, I’m no huge fan of MSNBC.  Dylan Ratigan and Ed Schultz are flat out insane, and Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are barely better.  The … Continue reading

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Ranking the Pundits

I’m a guy who likes to quantify things, even if it is done in a needless, arbitrary fashion. One of the things I like to quantify is my approval or disapproval of opinion sources I read. To that end, I keep a database of articles that I have read that ranks, on a scale from -5 to 5, my belief, purely on the basis of that article, whether I will enjoy reading another article from that author. Continue reading

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No, I will not fill out your course evaluation

…until after finals are over.

When I’m studying for finals, I am not going to put the time aside to fill out an evaluation. It simply doesn’t rate high enough on my list of priorities to do when there are more pressing matters [ie, my GPA] at stake. Continue reading

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Obama is Missing the Point of Triangulation

Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics thinks Obama has just made an egregious political error.  When I read Trende’s analysis, it seemed off.  He was missing something, focusing on the wrong thing, I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I … Continue reading

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Where did they buy this?

Siegfried Hecker has an article in Foreign Policy discussing the uranium enrichment plant he toured in North Korea. It’s not a bad article.  But he doesn’t discuss the one burning question that should dictate most of our foreign policy toward … Continue reading

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Sidenote on the Legality of Seizing Julian Assange from Abroad

Sam Raymond, an MIT alum and class of 2011 law student at NYU points out to me that U.S. v Alvarez-Machain is a much closer legal basis for seizing Julian Assange than U.S. v Verdugo-Urquidez.  He’s absolutely right– the legal … Continue reading

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Start Looking

Republicans need a fresh candidate to do well in 2012 is an online prediction market that tracks, among other things, U.S. politics.  In the aftermath of a bruising defeat of Congressional Democrats, Intrade predicts more of the same in … Continue reading

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Having it Both Ways on the Tax Deal

There are two conflicting stories that the progressive left is telling on the tax deal that Obama and Republicans made: 1)  The Republicans were holding us hostage. 2)  We could have gotten a better deal. One of these must be … Continue reading

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We Got ‘im

Breaking News:  Julian Assange has been arrested. Here’s hoping he fights the extradition to Sweden tooth and nail– that would give Eric Holder more time to assemble U.S. charges against him.

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A Win for Moderates

Steve Kornacki at Salon beats me to the punch:  Obama made the right decision in compromising with the GOP, and for their part, the GOP hammered out a smart compromise.  The Republicans agree to three intelligent things: ratifying START, getting … Continue reading

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