Steer Roast

Senior Haus' flag, emblazoned with "Sport Death"

Steer Roast is Senior Haus’ annual, 48-hour music and food-themed party, and it’s also an item on the “101 Things To Do Before Graduation” list. With strict admissions, Steer Roast requires registration of guests days before the actual event.

The Music
This year, Steer Roast hosted performances by 10 different bands from across the northeast: JAPANTHER, MUX MOOL, Math the Band, The Streets on Fire, Viva Viva, Lespecial, Big Digits, Blue Boy Productions, Quilty, and The Nate Wilson Group.

The Food
Along with music performances and 48 hours of non-stop partying, Steer Roast’s main event is, of course, the roasting of the steer. As part of the tradition, the Steer Roast shield, made of 3/8″ stainless steel, is burnt in coals all night while the meat roasts. The process lasts from Friday night till Saturday morning, and the Steer Roast feast is enjoyed on Saturday afternoon.

The Inside

Senior Haus puts up some artwork especially for the weekend:

"Magically Painted" door — paint that reflects different color depending on the color of the black light in the room, creating an illusion of a spiral.

But everyone is welcome to experience Steer Roast in their own way.  The Tech has covered Steer Roast traditions in the past, and those continue today.

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