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More snarky puppy, more dentures

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Snarky Puppy @ Church

Just saw Snarky Puppy at Church last night. Absolutely insane.  This group made me realize what I’d been looking for in sound.  There are lots of technically proficient musicians out there that make you think.  But there aren’t that many … Continue reading

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Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

Last night, one of my good friends discovered that his country was having a Revolution.  Apparently, the President has fled.  The BBC seems to have the second most footage, after Twitter.

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Fabrizio Sotti–Inner Dance

Those of you who follow what I write might know of my interest in the interplay between a country’s inherent culture and the music it produces. Italian guitarist Fabrizio Sotti is an apt example. Since the death of Marcus Aurelius, … Continue reading

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Hot Club of Detroit–It’s About That Time

Easy to listen to?  Yes. Easy listening?  No. Homage-paying?  Yep. Mind-expanding?  Just a little bit. Drink-pairing:  Mid-priced Cabernet, or a Cosmopolitan. HCOD is a tight young group that’s one part Art Blakey, another part Toots Thielemans, and several other parts … Continue reading

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Roy Haynes is 85. Wish him happy birthday. But seriously, I just saw him at Sculler’s and it was a really solid, if brief, set. Really energetic. Very listenable, even for non-jazz-aficionados. He’s managed to really evolve and keep his … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m listening to. –Sam

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