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Anna Tang still in limbo

At 2 p.m. today in Middlesex Superior Court, the defense and prosecution continued to spar over Anna L. Tang, the former Wellesley college student who stabbed MIT student Wolfe B. Styke ’10 in October of 2007. Tang was found not … Continue reading

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I Scream!

There’s a new made-to-order ice cream machine in La Verde’s.  $3 for a scoop of fresh ice cream, plus some toppings. In just 40 seconds! Have you tried it? MooBella

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Olbermann is Out… Will Other Hyperpartisans Follow?

John Avlon at DailyBeast has an interesting thesis, which is that Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC marks the beginning of the end for several rancorous partisans, including Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and presumably many others (my list includes Rachel Maddow, Lawrence … Continue reading

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Next UMass president will not be Clay

Towson University President Robert L. Caret was named the president of the University of Massachusetts this evening by its Board of Trustees. MIT Chancellor Phillip L. Clay PhD ’75, who will be stepping down as Chancellor this spring, was one … Continue reading

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Tuscon Roundup

For those of you interested in reading more than two articles on the Loughner-Giffords shooting, here you go, ranked roughly in order from articles I like the most to articles I like the least: Jacob Sullum at Reason says not … Continue reading

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Blizzard triggers falling branches on campus, one woman injured

A 23-year old woman, unaffiliated with MIT, walking along Main Street was struck on the back of her neck and pinned by a falling branch at the corner of Main Street and Vassar Street around 3:50 p.m. today. According to … Continue reading

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MIT is closed…except when it’s not

MIT is officially closed, but some parts are still open. In a walk around campus, the new cafe in E62 (the new Sloan Building) is open, because, the manager says, “we’re considered essential personnel.” Dewey and Hayden Libraries are open, … Continue reading

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If You Read Two Articles on the Giffords Shooting…

Let them be Toby Harnden’s from The Telegraph and Erick Erickson at RedState. A summary: The left is just as guilty of using martial terminology in their campaigning.  They have maps with crosshairs too.  There’s even a liberal map that … Continue reading

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The Potshots Pundits Aim at WikiLeaks

In an earlier post (“Enormously Pompous, Infuriatingly Self-Righteous, and Waging a War on America”) on this blog, Mr. Yost remarked that this column (“The WikiLeaks War on America”) was “perhaps the best profile of Julian Assange” he had seen to … Continue reading

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Sunday Foreign Edition

RUSSIA — Ultranationalism on the rise Steve LeVine at Foreign Policy says we don’t need to worry about the disappearance of democracy and rise of corruption in Russia… but the ultra-nationalism is worrisome. George Satarov at the Japan Times gives … Continue reading

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